Personal Empowerment


Personal Empowerment

The human mind is the most powerful tool we have; still, we only use a limited capacity of our actual potential. Your external environment may or may not help you solve some of life’s complex problems, such as career development, feeling fulfilled, feeling happy, dealing with conflict, and many more digital era problems. The real question is, what can you do to tap into your potential and start living outside your head, in the present moment and into action?

Through my personal empowerment blogs, I will share my own wisdom and experience, as well as those from others so you can start empowering yourself today – because today you can take the first step in living life by design instead of by accident.

Une âme et sa passion professionelle

Joyeux anniversaire chère Hanane. Un jour de plus pour fêter ton âme, ta vie et ton incroyable parcours. Une âme qui a vécu une vie pleine d’émotions et d’expériences au sein de sa carrière et sa vie personnelle. Une âme qui a tout donne pour sa passion au sein de son...

Letting go

We live in a self-inflicted cage as we continue to be stuck in the past. We reminisce about what could have been and let our shadow self prevail when expectations remain unmet. We live with our minds as living in our reality hurts.  Therefore we escape in the virtual....

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Unique opportunity to ask all your questions about work-life balance, career ambitions and path. Looking forward to see many @WIISBrussels members next Thursday! @clairecraanen

Great piece by my @gmfus and @WIISBrussels colleague (and friend) @HorstCorinna arguing that diversity in politics alone will bring about change. Europe's missing women leaders

I wish all of you spoke Dutch! Here’s the Dutch parliament. An MP makes a sexist joke, is criticized by pretty much everyone, the Chair insists he take back the joke, and the MP agrees. #Hoppekee 🌷🌷🌷🌷

#WIISBrussels Conversation series is back on 25/4, 6.30pm! Our next guest is Christopher J. Rose, @NCIAgency Gen. Services & HR Head. He will talk abt his @NATO career and dedication to diversity and inclusion in the #security & #defence sector. Info/RSVP:

New #WIISBrussels series on women and digital transformation for #security & #defence SOON! Join launch event on 16/04 to discuss the promotion of disruptive technologies for defence in Europe w Sylvia Kainz Huber @EU_Growth Head of Defence Unit. Info/RSVP

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